When you need a qualified auto mechanic to provide auto repair or maintenance for your RV, turn to the pros at Family Auto Service in San Diego. Our La Mesa and Alpine locations have technicians, equipment, and parts to service your RV.

Family Auto Service knows just how much you need quality RV service and repair. We pride ourselves on having what it takes to keep your RV running efficiently.

Not all shops can handle RV service and repair, but our La Mesa and Alpine locations are here to help you with your RV service needs. Our priority is to keep you safe when on the road. Take a look at this recent 5-star review to begin to get an idea of what you can expect from us:

Our car was having problems, we called 3 different dealers and couldn’t get in for days. We were traveling out of state the next day and needed our car fixed. I have had other cars worked on at Family Auto in the past, so we called and they got us in right away, fixed the car and we were able to continue on our trip. Thanks for a great job.– Pete V

When your RV needs top-notch RV service and repair, we are here for you. Please make your appointment at either our La Mesa or Alpine location to service your RV.