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  1. Car Won't Start Blog Post - Image showing key in ignition of vehicle

    Reasons Your Car Won’t Start

    No time is a good time for your car not to start. The problem usually indicates that you need to fix your car. Many factors can cause a car not to start. To take the appropriate action, you need to …

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  2. Family Auto Service auto mechanic checking an engine for service and repairs

    Frequently Asked Questions About Engine Mounts

    When you think of the critical parts of a car engine, you may envision such vital components as the engine block, drive belts, pistons, cylinders, and exhaust manifold. At the same time, you might never have given a second thought …

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  3. A dirty car air filter can help keep debris and dirt out of the engine

    What Are The Signs of a Dirty Air Filter

    Your car’s air filter has the job of cleaning the air as it enters the engine. The filter helps to keep debris, dirt, and bugs out of the engine as that air is brought in which can damage or affect …

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  4. auto service expert checking off auto maintenance items on list

    Spring Car Maintenance

    Spring is a great time to take control of your vehicle’s regular maintenance. Driving in the winter weather, even in Southern California, can take a toll on our cars, causing wear and tear that can affect overall performance and fuel …

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  5. Fluid flush mechanic brake oil flush family auto service

    Why Are Fluid Exchanges Important

    We want the most out of our investment, and your car is a pretty significant investment. The fluids in our vehicles protect the engine and components; they play an essential role in extending the life of our car. Over time, …

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  6. Vehicle leaking fluid onto a concrete floor needs maintenance

    Is Your Vehicle Leaking Fluid?

    Leaking fluid underneath your vehicle can cause concern and leave you with more questions than answers. Leaks can stem from several different components, with some leaks being much more damaging than others. If you see a leak underneath your vehicle, …

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  7. Smog Testing CA Emissions Inspections at Family Auto Service locations

    Emmission Testing and Why Some CA Vehicles Fail

    Emission testing laws in CA have changed, below are the current guidelines according to the CA DMV. Your vehicle does NOT need a smog inspection if it is: Gasoline-powered vehicle 1975 year model or older (This includes motorcycles and trailers.) …

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