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Pirelli Tires

Do you want your car to brake to a halt in a shorter distance? Do you want to get better gas mileage? Would you like to be able to take those tricky turns and sharp corners faster? If you answered yes to any of these, you need to consider Pirelli tires. Proper tires can make your car safer by improving its handling, braking, and ride comfort. Family Auto sells Pirelli tires because they are some of the best in the tire market today.

About Pirelli

Founded in Milan, Italy in 1872, Pirelli has a long history of advancing the technology found in tires. Pirelli sponsors and supplies tires for a variety of automobile racing leagues, including Formula One. The technology required to keep these high-speed vehicles on the track carries over into tires offered to the general public. Pirelli supplies tires for sports cars, sedans, trucks, and SUVs.

Why Pirelli?

Pirelli tires are one of the most popular options for sports cars and racing vehicles due to their high level of performance. They provide an incredible grip on the road and can handle the heat and friction that comes with hard driving.

Our Pirelli Tires

We are proud to supply our customers with a wide selection of Pirelli tires.

Search for tires now and filter by Pirelli to view today’s pricing and inventory. Whether you own a sports coupe, sedan, truck, or SUV, we have a Pirelli tire that will fit your vehicle.

So the next time your tires are wearing a little thin, stop by any of our five locations in the San Diego area. Family Auto will make sure you drive off with a set of Pirellis at a great price.


Nationwide Roadside Assistance Plan

When you buy your Pirelli Tires from Family Auto Service & Tire Center, you are automatically enrolled in our Nationwide Roadside Assistance Plan which includes the following with authorized service purchase:

*Eligible services are described below and are available for 2 years from your date of purchase at a Family Auto Service location:

  1. Towing
  2. Lock Out Service
  3. Flat Tire Changing Assistance
  4. Fuel, Oil, Fluid and Water Delivery Service
  5. Jump Start

*Reimbursement only – you must pay at the time of service