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Engine Head Gaskets 101

Engine Head Gasket - What is it and what is its purpose in vehicle

Your vehicle’s engine comprises hundreds of different parts, all working together to provide you with a seamless driving experience. One of these components is the head gasket. What exactly is an engine head gasket, and what is its purpose?

The head gasket is typically smaller and doesn’t look as complex as other parts of your car. It is described as a flat piece of metal with holes in it. There are multiple types of gaskets in your vehicle, not just the head gasket. They all work together to prevent debris from disrupting the engine, maintain the engine’s internal pressure, and keep the engine’s vital fluid intact.

Types of Gaskets Found In Your Vehicle

Head Gasket

The head gasket is found in your engine’s cylinder and has the task of restraining any combustion gases from reaching the cooling system. This piece is located between the cylinder head and the engine block. While it is durable, this part can fail if your engine overheats. If and when the head gasket falls through, coolant can make its way into the combustion chamber and mix in with the engine’s oil, which will cause immense damage to the engine.

Exhaust & Intake Manifold Gasket

The intake manifold gasket helps stabilize the temperature inside the chamber and prevents any air from escaping the combustion process. Additionally, it also makes sure the correct mixture of fuel and oxygen is used to keep the engine running at exceptional performance. Similarly, the exhaust manifold gasket has the same job but works in a different location. If either of these gaskets fails, it can cause compression issues and a decrease in fuel efficiency.

Camshaft Gasket

The camshaft gasket helps to deter oil and dirt away from the engine. A failing gasket can lead to internal leaks, which will cause critical damage to the engine.

All in all, gasket failure can be averted with routine vehicle maintenance. If you are in need of an engine repair or a gasket replacement, make an online appointment now or bring your vehicle to our certified technicians at one of our 5 convenient Family Auto Service locations.