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  1. Fluid flush mechanic brake oil flush family auto service

    Why Are Fluid Exchanges Important

    We want the most out of our investment, and your car is a pretty significant investment. The fluids in our vehicles protect the engine and components; they play an essential role in extending the life of our car. Over time, …

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  2. Vehicle leaking fluid onto a concrete floor needs maintenance

    Is Your Vehicle Leaking Fluid?

    Leaking fluid underneath your vehicle can cause concern and leave you with more questions than answers. Leaks can stem from several different components, with some leaks being much more damaging than others. If you see a leak underneath your vehicle, …

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  3. Family Auto

    Summer and Keeping It Cool In California

    We’re mid-spring now, and the dog days of summer are thankfully still months away. There’s time to enjoy the nicer days out before the summer comes crashing in. For all the beautiful things it brings us, it does bring the …

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  4. Tech putting transmission fluid into an engine

    What Does Transmission Fluid Actually Do?

    There are many fluids needed for your vehicle to run properly; one of those is transmission fluid. With that, many don’t know what transmission fluid is used for; it is in your vehicle to lubricate the parts of your vehicle’s …

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  5. Need a Radiator Flush?

    Does My Car Need A Radiator Flush?

    As our cars get older, things start to erode and age. This is where periodic oil changes and tune-ups preventing erosion and breakdowns of engines and other operational needs. Another maintenance task is a radiator flush that can also provide …

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