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  1. Family Auto Service auto mechanic checking an engine for service and repairs

    Frequently Asked Questions About Engine Mounts

    When you think of the critical parts of a car engine, you may envision such vital components as the engine block, drive belts, pistons, cylinders, and exhaust manifold. At the same time, you might never have given a second thought …

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  2. A dirty car air filter can help keep debris and dirt out of the engine

    What Are The Signs of a Dirty Air Filter

    Your car’s air filter has the job of cleaning the air as it enters the engine. The filter helps to keep debris, dirt, and bugs out of the engine as that air is brought in which can damage or affect …

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  3. Engine Head Gasket - What is it and what is its purpose in vehicle

    Engine Head Gaskets 101

    Your vehicle’s engine comprises hundreds of different parts, all working together to provide you with a seamless driving experience. One of these components is the head gasket. What exactly is an engine head gasket, and what is its purpose? The …

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