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  1. Car Won't Start Blog Post - Image showing key in ignition of vehicle

    Reasons Your Car Won’t Start

    No time is a good time for your car not to start. The problem usually indicates that you need to fix your car. Many factors can cause a car not to start. To take the appropriate action, you need to …

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  2. auto service expert checking off auto maintenance items on list

    Spring Car Maintenance

    Spring is a great time to take control of your vehicle’s regular maintenance. Driving in the winter weather, even in Southern California, can take a toll on our cars, causing wear and tear that can affect overall performance and fuel …

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  3. Schedule an appointment with a mechanic for a tune-up and love your car again

    Falling In Love Again

    Love can be a funny thing. You may have found yourself sitting next to a total stranger, over time, and wonder (like the Talking Heads song), how did I get here? We are growing and constantly changing in our lives …

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  4. Reasons why your car won't start

    Reasons Behind A Car That Won’t Start

    We understand how frustrating it is to get into your vehicle, try to crank it up, and find that your car won’t start. Plus, it always tends to happen at the worst possible times, like when you have somewhere that …

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