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How To Maintain A Hybrid vs. A Diesel vs. A Gasoline-Powered Vehicle vs. An Electric Vehicle

How to maintain different vehicle types

At Family Auto Service in San Diego County, we love maintaining vehicles because it is best for our customers and their cars. If you are looking at the difference in maintenance for hybrid versus diesel versus gas-engine versus electric vehicles, you are going to enjoy this month’s blog.

There is a lot of talk about “Which one is better?” The answer lies in your needs. Hybrids are very affordable and have terrific fuel efficiency. Diesel engines are extremely reliable and lasts a long time. Gas-powered engines are most common. Electric vehicles are the trendy option, but their battery-recharge networks are not found everywhere yet.

But if you look at maintenance alone, we are happy to share our professional opinion about these four options. Spoiler alert: Each of these options requires maintenance. None of them are going to last a long time if you neglect them. They all have different nuances as far as the amount of maintenance the factory recommends.

Hybrid vehicles —
Maintenance costs are approximately the same as gas-powered vehicles.
Read your owner’s manual for specific maintenance intervals.
Your main areas of concern are oil change, battery replacement, tires, brakes, and coolant.
Discuss your driving habits with your auto repair team to create a plan for preventive maintenance.

Diesel vehicles —
While light diesel trucks are an American mainstay, diesel cars are not manufactured as often. This means maintenance costs for diesel cars may increase while diesel truck maintenance remains steady.
Read your owner’s manual for specific maintenance intervals.
Keeping your diesel engine clean is important, so be sure to change the fuel filters, air filters, coolant, and oil changes.
If you haul a trailer behind your diesel truck, be sure to get the transmission frequently checked to make certain it continues to handle the extra stress caused by towing.
If you go four-wheeling or off-roading with your diesel vehicle, you may need to pay extra attention to your tires, drive train, and any part of your vehicle that may be vulnerable to flying rocks, driving through bodies of water, and other hazards.

Gas-powered vehicles —
Typical maintenance for traditional, internal combustion engines should be no surprise.
Read your owner’s manual for specific maintenance intervals.
Since this is the most common vehicle on the road, you should have no problem finding a qualified auto repair shop to maintain your vehicle for you.
There are many systems on a gasoline-powered vehicle that needs to be maintained.
The most common forms of maintenance include oil changes, tire rotation, wheel alignment, minor service, and major service.

Electric vehicles —
Service intervals for electric vehicles are scheduled much less than hybrids or combustion engines.
Read your owner’s manual for specific maintenance intervals for your specific vehicle.
Your main areas of concern are the tires, coolant levels, battery levels, brakes, steering, suspension, and leaks.
Remove any salt buildup from the beach or winter roads.
Replace windshield wipers, cabin filter, and brake fluid as needed.
Be sure to call upon the service of an EV specialist for maintenance since these vehicles require special equipment and care.

Regardless of what you drive or purchase in the future, all vehicles require maintenance. But here’s the good news:  Family Auto Service is happy to offer preventive maintenance for every vehicle. If, however, there is a specific vehicle we cannot service or repair, we will kindly redirect you to an auto repair shop that can take care of your vehicle’s needs.

If your vehicle requires preventive maintenance service, the Family Auto Service team is happy to help. Give us a call or schedule an appointment when you’re ready. With four locations throughout the San Diego area in La Jolla, La Mesa, Santee, and Alpine, Family Auto Service’s auto mechanics are available to keep your vehicle in prime condition. If you need a shuttle service while our auto mechanics repair your car, please let us know so we can drop you off where you need to go. Our business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.