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Preparing You Car For Allergy Season

Clean out the air filter in your car this season

During Spring, there is so much to appreciate here in San Diego County. The sun is shining. We live in a beautiful place. Flowers and plants are blooming with lush, green leaves and lovely flowers. And though many are still wearing masks due to the pandemic, many of us are suffering through allergy season.

Have you prepared your family vehicle for allergy season? Getting ready for allergy season in your car means doing a few things to help you and your passengers travel comfortably, regardless of how much pollen is floating through the air. Here are three ways you can prepare your vehicle for allergy season:

  1. Change the cabin air filters to reduce the amount of pollen getting inside your vehicle’s climate control system. We invite you to Family Auto Service at any of our five locations in Alpine, Santee, Miramar, La Jolla, and La Mesa so we can change your vehicle’s air filters.
  2. Stock the car with oral antihistamine medications, bottled water, hand sanitizer, and plenty of tissues. If you have these items on hand, you can address your allergies at a moment’s notice so you won’t have to suffer.
  3. Clean your vehicle’s interior to remove the dust, pollen, and debris that has accumulated. When these irritants are already messing with you, wipe down the hard surfaces of your interior with a damp cloth and vacuum out the rest.

Although it doesn’t apply to allergy season, we would like to remind you that you should also consider replacing your air filters anytime our region experiences wildfires. That is why we recommend coming to Family Auto Service twice annually to check on the health of your air filters so you can know your vehicle is in optimal condition.

Thank you for making Family Auto Service your go-to San Diego repair shop and for being an extended part of our family. If you’d like to get your air filters taken care of, schedule an appointment with our auto mechanic team.  Or feel free to visit any of our five locations!