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Reasons Behind a Faulty Car Heater

What are the symptoms of a Failing car heater

A car heater failure, especially in winter, can be an exasperating and stressful experience. There is no fun when your car heater fails after you already left home in colder temperatures. This is why it is important to know the signs and causes of a failing car heater for timely action.

Symptoms of A Failing Car Heater

A Pungent Rotten Egg Smell: If there is an odd smell leaning towards pungency, this may be a sign that your heater is about to fail. Your car’s heater core may be damaged, and it may be time for a repair. The odd smell indicates that your radiator’s fluid is leaking.

Reduced Heat: The purpose of your car’s heat is to emanate heat. If the heat exuded is low or there is no heat at all, your car’s heater is about to fail.

Watch Out for Foggy Windows: When your car’s heater is about to break down, its defroster will have a reduced capacity to warm the air to eliminate ice or fog. If you notice an increased fogging of the windows from inside, it is time to have your car’s heater checked.

Smells or Presence of Coolant in Your Car: When your car’s heater is about to stop, you will notice signs of a coolant leak under your dashboard. You may also tell the impending failure by the smell of coolant in your car.

What Can Cause Car Heater Failure?

Cooling System Failure: If your car’s coolant levels are low, it is unlikely to work effectively. An effective thermostat is part of the cooling system. If the thermostat is defective, there will be a delay in the warm-up, subsequently hindering heat production. A leaking radiator can also reduce the coolant levels. If a car’s water pump and its engine fan malfunction, the car’s heater will fail.

A Damaged Blower Fan: When the blower fan is defective, less heat will emanate from the core to circulate the entire vehicle. This may lead to the heater’s failure.

A Malfunctioning Heater Core: If the heater core is clogged, the coolant’s flow through the channel will be hindered, and the heater will fail to work.

It is important to have your car heater maintained and repaired by professionals. If you need your car heater repaired excellently, we invite you to bring it to our auto repair shop today.