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Road Trip Games To Keep Your Whole Family Entertained

Family Road Trip Games to Keep Entertained

Road trips can be fun with the possible exception of when you have kids in the car, right? Actually, if you are creative, having the kids in the car can be fun too. You just need to know how to amuse them. Here are some ideas for family games you can play on a road trip.

I Spy

One of the kids is nominated to be “it.” He or she picks out something in the car to focus on. The other kids take turns guessing clues until somebody is able to guess the object the first kid has in mind. Whatever adult is not driving the car can be the moderator.

Prepare to Play the License Plate Game

For this game, each child in the vehicle must have a paper map that they are permitted to mark up. The objective of the game is for the participants to spot as many license plates from different states as they can. The first person to see an out-of-state plate gets to call it, then check it off on their map. This can be educational too as the children get to learn about the shape of various states on a map.

A Game for Older Kids

Older kids can become bored on a long road trip too. A game they can play is to name the artist. Most younger kids do not listen to the radio enough to play this one. When they hear a song on the radio, the participants can compete to see who can correctly guess the artist first. Each correct guess is worth X number of points. This is another game that can eat up some time on a road trip.

The Color Game

Have each of the children take turns calling out a specific color. The other children in the car can look for vehicles or road signs which feature that color. This game can be adjusted to take up as much time as necessary to maintain peace during your trip.

Playing 20 Questions

During this game, there is a mystery object for the children to guess. The adults can moderate this game and the premise is to correctly guess what the mystery object is.

These are just a handful of ideas for games you can play on the road. Don’t forget – if you’re planning a road trip soon, be sure to bring your vehicle into Family Auto Service for a pre-trip inspection so that we can verify your car will remain reliable along the way!