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Sentimental Journeys: Remembering The Road Trips You Took With Your Car

Get Your Car Checked Before Your Next Road Trip

Today, we’re thinking about looking back at the cars we have loved and lost over the years that have kept us sheltered as a family during long trips and comforted us along the way.

In our generation, VW Buses were great for long road trips. Then came the 1980’s and the minivan, and as of late, the SUV. Long trips got a bit easier to take the more technology progressed. Even the age-old question “Are We There Yet” became a thing of the past, as kids can use driving apps on their phones or tablets to see exactly how far they are from their destination!

When we’re living day-to-day, life goes by in a hurry, and we move on to the next things. And then we’re on the road for a break, and we expect our cars to pick up our slack. We practically live in these cars, but we rarely stop and appreciate how much these cars will come to mean to us when they’re gone.

One way to memorialize them is to consider doing a scrapbook as a family project. When someone gets bored, they can write in the book, or draw something, to remember the moment by– even if it’s as negative as “I wish we would stop so I could get out of this wretched car and stretch for a bit.” It’s still a fun place to put pictures taken in the car on family trips and pictures of the car along the way. Your kids may regret some of the harsh things they say about the car one day, but for the moment, they can vent– and one day appreciates the friend that carried them through their life events. That’s just part of being in a family that takes long road trips together.

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