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Symptoms That Indicate You May Need a Tune-Up

Family Auto Mechanic Looks at Engine for Tune-up

Symptoms are warning signs, they are the clues we receive telling us that something requires our action and the attention of an expert. We rely on our cars daily, and our cars rely on more than fuel to keep them performing at their best. A tune-up includes an inspection of your engine’s functioning and attendance to any issues, or symptoms, that are present. Regular tune-ups at your mechanic will not only assist in avoiding breakdowns, they will also maintain fuel economy, prolong the life of your engine, and assist it to function at its optimum.

Five symptoms that suggest you should see your mechanic for a tune-up today:

1. Check engine light illuminates

The warning lights on your dashboard are there for a reason; typically they indicate a fault in your vehicle’s system. Diagnosing the exact nature of the fault requires your mechanic’s expertise.

2. Engine stalls

Faulty spark plugs or dirty connectors are two common issues that cause an engine to stall.

3. Fuel economy falls

Bad fuel mileage can be an indicator of trouble in your engine’s air filter, fuel filter, or oxygen sensors. You could also be spilling money at the pump as a result of misfiring spark plugs or incorrect tire pressure.

4. Stranger than usual sounds

Whether your car engine purrs or roars you’re quite likely to know when it’s behaving as it should from the sounds it makes. Any weird sounds may be a sign of engine disease.

5. Sluggish acceleration

Poor acceleration can be caused by clogged fuel injectors, oil filters that are past their use-by date, dirty distributor points, and overflowing oil pans. If your car isn’t climbing up to speed as it should, it likely wants a tune-up.

Regular tune-ups are about more than preventing a breakdown, they are an insurance policy to keep your vehicle running as safely and efficiently as possible for as long as possible. Safely maintaining your car with regular tune-ups also helps to protect your most valuable asset, you. If your car is displaying any of the five symptoms above, or any others, we encourage you to visit Family Auto Service today for a tune-up.