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Taking Care Of Your Tires

Worn Tire Treads - Need New Tires Come to Family Auto Serive & Tire Center

Your vehicle’s tires are a particularly vital feature of your car. They’re the sole element between your automobile and the road and work properly to make sure that you’re ready to accelerate, stop, and turn with accuracy. Old, worn tires can cause various problems, including lower fuel efficiency, the chance of a tire blowout, difficulty in handling your vehicle, and more. Smart tire maintenance will protect you on the road and save you money in the long term throughout the years.

One of the easiest things you can do to keep your tires in good shape is regularly having your tire pressure checked. Excessive tire wear can occur when your tires measure low in air pressure, and blowouts can happen. It isn’t safe to drive with low tire pressure, and it’s a fairly easy fix!  Typically, you can test your tire pressure and refill it at a gas station, but Family Auto Service will be happy to help if you need assistance.

If your tires aren’t aligned or balanced properly, excessive wear may be occurring that severely diminishes your tires’ life. An alignment and balance are typically needed every 6,000 miles; however, if you notice that your automobile pulls to one side while driving, you may be due for an alignment. Schedule an online appointment for an alignment at any of our Family Auto Service Centers now.

Be sure to check your tires often for wear and understand how to test your tires for the tread. If your tires are smooth, they have lost the groves in the tread, which means they are worn and signify that you need new tires. It is dangerous to drive with low tread tires in many weather conditions, especially right after a light rain here in San Diego County. Learn how to do the penny test with your tires to check tread periodically.

Have any questions regarding your vehicle’s tires? Don’t hesitate to call us at (877) 464-1619 or bring your car into one of our five Family Auto Service & Tire Centers for fast and friendly service!