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Turning Over A New Leaf: Becoming A More Thoughtful Driver In 2021

Being a more thoughtful driver in 2021
Happy New Year, San Diego! As we say goodbye to 2020 and usher in 2021, those New Year’s Resolutions will be out in force. People will swear off their vices to get healthier, live longer, and be prouder of themselves. The positivity and determination of that kind of commitment is something we love.
When we plan to improve ourselves, one area we may wish to look into is our driving. There is a kind of dog-eat-dog mentality in driving, where people think they are in a race just because they have an appointment and they’re running late. We forgot the importance of maintaining the construct of law as a society, and choose our own, human needs over the safety and well-being of others. We cut each other off, get angry, curse, and make obscene gestures; we refuse to let each other in, working some balance sheet of fairness in our heads that the other driver won’t know or understand.
One of the biggest keys to becoming a more thoughtful driver is not taking it personally when people refuse to uphold the law and common courtesy. It is selfish, and it is a disruption, but reacting usually means becoming the very thing that’s angering you.
When you have the objectivity and the distance from the situation to work it out, you will know that a few car lengths will not win the traffic war. It never does. If those taking advantage of you could work it out, they would likely feel the same and be embarrassed at how silly they look, insisting upon their own needs instead of working safely and cooperatively.
Another key to understanding thoughtful driving is knowing that we all struggle. Even the most carefree life has issues and problems. You can’t always see someone’s struggle by the car they’re driving or the way they drive, or the expression on their face. The kindest, greatest thing you can do in traffic is to give way and stay safe. When others skirt the rules, keep the rules alive by holding up your end of things, and be glad that you are getting through tense situations with your car undamaged.
The final piece of advice: find your happy place even in a traffic jam. Smiling is generally contagious. Unless we’re already in a terrible mood, seeing someone happy can often inspire us to be happy. You can have a positive effect on traffic by following the rules and showing off a good nature. Never underestimate the power of a smile to unite two very different human beings.
Welcome to 2021! We hope you are reaching out a little more, trying a little harder, to engage with the people in your community. Thank you for being our customers! If you need service on your vehicle, remember to schedule an appointment with our auto mechanic team.  Or feel free to see us at any of our five locations:
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We look forward to seeing you again soon!