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What Are The Signs Of Worn Shocks And Struts

Worn Shocks and Struts in a Vehicle at Family Auto Service

Most drivers depend on their senses to recognize when it is time for service. However, some vehicle components do not display physical warnings that they require service. Some of these components include worn shocks and struts. Synonymous with increasing the stopping distance, shocks and struts gradually wear out, making it hard to notice the wear and tear. Worn shocks and struts are also a safety hazard to you and your loved ones.

What are shocks and struts?

Shocks and struts dampen the movement of the spring and stop oscillation and bounce. These parts stabilize a vehicle’s movement and enhance control when braking, turning, or accelerating. Even though these parts play a joint role in a vehicle, they are entirely independent components. Shocks are an integral part of the vehicle suspension system, while struts are crucial for a vehicle’s alignment and steering system.

Signs of worn shocks and struts

· Veering or sliding off the road

You may begin to experience instability when driving during a clear day. Usually, veering and sliding are normal in extreme weather conditions such as winter or during a tornado. However, on a clear day, instability on the highway is alarming and a sign of worn-out shocks.

· Uneven wear and tear on your tires

Uneven wear and tear on your tires is a clear sign of worn struts and shocks. It is a sign that your tires aren’t firmly planted on the road when driving. Tires should always be in uniform contact with the road. Otherwise, you risk getting a flat.

· Tipping to one side during turns

When negotiating a sharp turn, you may notice your vehicle tip or lean excessively into a turn. This is an indication that your vehicle needs realignment. Excessive tipping is a threat to you and your loved ones’ safety, and immediate action is required.

· Unusual noises and excessive vibration

Excessive vibration and unusual noises are telltale signs of a worn suspension system in need of professional expertise. Gradual wear of the shocks results in the loss of their ability to support the strut. As a result, the struts bottoms out, and the contact causes a knocking sound from either the rear or front wheels.

· The front end dives or the rear squats

When a car’s struts and shocks are worn out, the rear end may squat during acceleration, or the front end may dive upon braking. This is a clear indication that these components need to be replaced.

At our auto repair shop, we specialize in replacing worn shocks and struts to ensure that your drive is not only enjoyable and reliable but also safe. Bring your vehicle to one of our 5 auto repair shops today for shocks and struts replacement.