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What Does the Battery Warning Light Indicate?

Family Auto Service technician checking battery in automobile as part of our battery service

Your vehicle’s battery is extremely important to the overall operation of your vehicle. It helps to power your vehicle’s electrical system and keeps your car running on the road. The battery itself is a component of the entire starting and charging system which all works together to start your vehicle and maintain a charge. When you see the battery warning light turn on, it can be an indication of a problem with a number of different parts.

Some of the common causes for a battery warning light to turn on include:

  • Faulty alternator, which can prevent energy from being recycled while your car is running, which is necessary to charge the battery
  • Bad voltage regulator, which can cause problems with the voltage that the alternator outputs
  • Worn serpentine belt, which is needed to run the alternator
  • Corroded battery cables or terminals
  • Dead battery

As soon as you see this battery light appear, it’s important to have your vehicle inspected by an expert at one of our Family Auto Service locations. We will run multiple tests to determine the true cause of your battery issue and what battery service repairs may be necessary to restore your vehicle.

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