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What Does Transmission Fluid Actually Do?

Tech putting transmission fluid into an engine

There are many fluids needed for your vehicle to run properly; one of those is transmission fluid. With that, many don’t know what transmission fluid is used for; it is in your vehicle to lubricate the parts of your vehicle’s transmission that will allow the best performance with your vehicle.

When you have a vehicle with automatic transmission, the transmission fluid will also act as a coolant. When it comes to transmission fluid, there are different types; the type that will be used for your vehicle will depend on the type of transmission you have inside.

  • Automatic Transmission: An automatic transmission will use regular automatic transmission fluid
  • Manual Transmission: A manual transmission will have fluid that will vary; it will either use plain motor oil, a transmission oil mostly called heavyweight hypoid gear oil, and it may also call for automatic transmission fluid.

When you are looking at the type of transmission fluid that needs to be used for a vehicle with a standard transmission, you can usually look in your owner’s manual to find out what should be used according to the manufacturer.

While the main function of transmission fluid is to lubricate the parts of your transmission, it serves other functions. Transmission fluid can clean and protect the metal surfaces, protecting them from wear. Another function transmission fluid has to condition gaskets, and it can also improve the cooling function. It can also reduce high operating temperatures as well as increase the temperature range and the rotational speed. Something else transmission fluid can do is transmit energy from your vehicle’s engine to the drive wheels.

There are many types of transmission fluid, and when you need to get your transmission fluid changed or serviced, you want to make sure the right type is used. We know just how vital it is to take care of your transmission and the transmission fluid plays a huge role in that. If you need a transmission system repair, give our auto repair shop a call today!