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  1. Need a Brake Repair? Technician checking brakes

    Warning Signs of Bad Brakes

    Working brakes are vital when it comes to being able to accurately slow and stop your vehicle on the road. Being aware of how your brakes work regularly and understanding some signs of bad brakes can make the difference between getting …

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  2. Family Auto Service technician checking battery in automobile as part of our battery service

    What Does the Battery Warning Light Indicate?

    Your vehicle’s battery is extremely important to the overall operation of your vehicle. It helps to power your vehicle’s electrical system and keeps your car running on the road. The battery itself is a component of the entire starting and …

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  3. Wheel Alignment Checks are complimentary at Family Auto Service

    Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Wheel Alignment

    Proper wheel alignment is essential for many reasons – it ensures that you have adequate control of your vehicle, keeps the wheels and brakes working properly, and avoids excessive tire wear. A wheel alignment consists of adjusting the angles of …

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  4. Worn Tire Treads - Need New Tires Come to Family Auto Serive & Tire Center

    Taking Care Of Your Tires

    Your vehicle’s tires are a particularly vital feature of your car. They’re the sole element between your automobile and the road and work properly to make sure that you’re ready to accelerate, stop, and turn with accuracy. Old, worn tires …

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  5. Engine Head Gasket - What is it and what is its purpose in vehicle

    Engine Head Gaskets 101

    Your vehicle’s engine comprises hundreds of different parts, all working together to provide you with a seamless driving experience. One of these components is the head gasket. What exactly is an engine head gasket, and what is its purpose? The …

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  6. Family Auto

    Summer and Keeping It Cool In California

    We’re mid-spring now, and the dog days of summer are thankfully still months away. There’s time to enjoy the nicer days out before the summer comes crashing in. For all the beautiful things it brings us, it does bring the …

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