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  1. Tech putting transmission fluid into an engine

    What Does Transmission Fluid Actually Do?

    There are many fluids needed for your vehicle to run properly; one of those is transmission fluid. With that, many don’t know what transmission fluid is used for; it is in your vehicle to lubricate the parts of your vehicle’s …

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  2. Clean out the air filter in your car this season

    Preparing You Car For Allergy Season

    During Spring, there is so much to appreciate here in San Diego County. The sun is shining. We live in a beautiful place. Flowers and plants are blooming with lush, green leaves and lovely flowers. And though many are still …

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  3. What are the symptoms of a Failing car heater

    Reasons Behind a Faulty Car Heater

    A car heater failure, especially in winter, can be an exasperating and stressful experience. There is no fun when your car heater fails after you already left home in colder temperatures. This is why it is important to know the …

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  4. Schedule an appointment with a mechanic for a tune-up and love your car again

    Falling In Love Again

    Love can be a funny thing. You may have found yourself sitting next to a total stranger, over time, and wonder (like the Talking Heads song), how did I get here? We are growing and constantly changing in our lives …

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  5. Worn Shocks and Struts in a Vehicle at Family Auto Service

    What Are The Signs Of Worn Shocks And Struts

    Most drivers depend on their senses to recognize when it is time for service. However, some vehicle components do not display physical warnings that they require service. Some of these components include worn shocks and struts. Synonymous with increasing the …

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  6. Need a Radiator Flush?

    Does My Car Need A Radiator Flush?

    As our cars get older, things start to erode and age. This is where periodic oil changes and tune-ups preventing erosion and breakdowns of engines and other operational needs. Another maintenance task is a radiator flush that can also provide …

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  7. What is the TPMS Warning Light

    What Is The TPMS Warning Light?

    You’re driving your car on the road when you suddenly get an alert – a light illuminates on your vehicle’s dashboard that looks like the symbol above or says “TPMS.” Not many drivers understand what this warning signal means, so …

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  8. Reasons why your car won't start

    Reasons Behind A Car That Won’t Start

    We understand how frustrating it is to get into your vehicle, try to crank it up, and find that your car won’t start. Plus, it always tends to happen at the worst possible times, like when you have somewhere that …

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